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Our take on... The Steepletone Camden

Our take on... The Steepletone Camden

The Steepletone Camden player is the perfect record player for someone who’s just starting out collecting records or maybe someone who wants to upgrade from a smaller turntable. When I became interested in collecting vinyl, I started out with a smaller turntable, later upgrading to this model because personally it had everything I was looking for; external speakers, a duster cover and was super easy to set up which is undoubtedly a bonus!

This record player comes with a built in 20-watt power amp with matching stereo speakers. The sound is exactly what you need when playing vinyl, high quality, clear and concise – which is what playing vinyl is all about! The modern, wood effect gives it such a homely, fresh finish, which I think adds a little nostalgia to it, as it reminds me of a record player my uncle has when I was small. I also would recommend this record player because it comes with a clear hinged dust cover, which definitely helps with keeping records clean and dust free – which means no skipping – but this can also be removed if you would rather play records without it.



It also has some other little features that had me sold on it – the tone arm has a cueing lever which lets you easily select different songs from an album, it’s worth a mention that it’s an auto tone arm, so it returns when the record is finished playing.

Additionally, with the added Bluetooth you can hook up your phone and play your own music through the speakers, which I think is a selling point for this stylish player.

Since getting this player, I’ve really gotten into collecting and listening to vinyl, and I think the player itself has helped that as I can hear the difference in sound quality when comparing it to just cd’s or listening to music off my phone through a Bluetooth speaker. The art of vinyl has shot up in the last few years, and I think any music fans should start or get back into collecting/playing vinyl – and I would 100% recommend this player helping to do that 😊                                                              


Theses are the honest and noble words of our Eoife Clarke in our Navan store (pictured above).


The Steepletone Camden turntable is available at selected Golden Discs stores nationwide and here at goldendiscs.ie.


Bluetooth issue solved.

Hi Stephen,
I have been having exactly the same issue, like you say really frustrating. I bought mine July ’20 and put up with Bluetooth kicking in initially but started to happen more often. Eventually I contacted the site I purchased it from and they gave me a full refund no questions asked, so can only assume it was a known issue.
Surprised I got refund especially when 15 months had past since buying it.
Anyway since then I realised it was connecting to my Samsung soundbar connected to my TV upstairs. This is odd as 1. Soundbar is set to Digital cabled connection and not Bluetooth, 2. Soundbar was switched off. 3. I have never connected the record player to the soundbar or any other device before.
So it seems the record player was polling for connections and woke my soundbar and connected to it.
I have since switched off Bluetooth on my soundbar and it no longer happens.
So, I would recommend checking other Bluetooth devices around the house to see what it is trying to connect to. For Soundbar, if there is not an option to disable Bluetooth, you could try ans disable the auto on feature, which should stop it powering up by itself. Doing this would mean you would have to power soundbar on manually each time, but at least you have your record player back.

I hope you check back on this site to read this and hope it solves your issue.
Cheers, Paul

Stephen. I have the same problem with mine. If anyone has the solution id love to hear it.

I bought the player and loved it, but after a month the Bluetooth started turning on automatically. I pressed the Bluetooth on/off switch, it goes back to stereo for a few seconds then the Bluetooth light starts flashing again and sound is off. I returned it and was sent a new one, and same issue from the start, very frustrating as I really like the record player. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way to fix it.

I bought this player recently after getting a bit of a plastic mess of a player last summer when I wanted to get back into vinyl. Now this is wonderful it plays all the stuff that was skipping perfectly and the tone arm balancer and pitching dial make it a very good slightly more expensive range than said precious plastic mess. I love this and recommend it to anyone.

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