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Our take on... I Feel Pretty

Our take on... I Feel Pretty

Following on from the success of “Trainwreck”, and after a couple of stand up specials, Amy Schumer returns to the screen in this new movie in which she stars as Renee Bennett. Renee works in the back office of a cosmetics firm run by Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams), but Renee suffers from feelings of serious insecurity about her looks and confidence. However, while attending a spinning class she falls off a bike, suffers a head injury, and upon waking up she sees herself as being more “beautiful” despite the fact that to everyone else her appearance hasn’t changed. This newfound confidence enables Renee to achieve things she had only previously dreamt of, but what happens when the illusion breaks? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.



While “I Feel Pretty” doesn’t bring much to this kind of genre that has ties to body swap comedies from the 80s (“Big” is referenced near the start of the film), and is somewhat predictable, it’s the performances that make the difference here. Schumer is very well suited to her part and it’s after the injury, she really gets to show off her comedy chops and the fact that she isn’t afraid put herself out there on screen in ways other actresses probably wouldn’t. Michelle Williams also shines as she plays a completely different part than what she usually does, and embodies Avery with a cold, aloof air of superiority.

This is a really simple, light comedy that sees Schumer tone down her usual full on act for something far more palatable for slightly younger audiences than her stand up, or previous films (this film still does have a 12 rating, and it does earn it in places). It’s the kind of film that is perfectly suited to a quiet night in, and isn’t so long that it doesn’t outstay its welcome. While Schumer’s brand of stand-up has its detractors, her performance here is more than enough to carry the film, and she’s well backed up by Williams, along with Busy Phillips and Aidy Bryant as Renee’s best friends.


These are the thoughts and words of our Kevin Dillon @kevinwritestuff.


I Feel Pretty is available on DVD and Blu-Ray at Golden Discs stores nationwide and here at goldendiscs.ie.

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