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Ideas for the aul' fella...

Ideas for the aul' fella...

With Father’s Day quickly approaching on the 16th of June, we know how difficult it can be trying to buy for those fussy Dads. When asked “Dad, what would you like for Father’s Day?” and they give you the usual response “Ah sure, you don’t have to get me anything.” DO NOT BE FOOLED. THEY ARE LYING. What they really mean is “I don’t even know myself” or “I’m not telling you because I’m your Dad and you should know”.

But no need to fret, we’ve got ya covered! Here our top 3 picks for Father’s Day for Music, Movies & TV Boxsets...


Music for the aul' fella:

Hozier – Wasteland Baby (CD & Vinyl)

This is the second album from the Wicklow native, and it proves that he is nearly certain to continue his phenomenal ascent on the global music scene. His now characteristic incredible vocals and intense storytelling is evident throughout his songs making for a compelling listen.

I would highly recommend this album to anybody, especially to any blues fans. His modern take on the genre along with nods that are both subtle and not so much are evident throughout the album. The lyrics to his hit single “Almost (Sweet Music)” is nearly entirely comprised of song titles, memorable lyrics and references to famous artists of blues music, making for both a great song to get lost in and a nice “spot the reference” game for any hardcore blues fans.

Every song on this album carries a certain gravitas that only Hozier can emit, from the inspiring “Nina Cried Power” to the deeply powerful “Dinner and Diatribes”. This album will be remembered as a classic of its time, so it should be in every music lover’s collection, on either CD or Vinyl formats.


NOW 100 Hits – Forgotten 80’s (CD)

This compilation album is jam-packed full of hidden gems and one-hit-wonders from the most prosperous musical decade in history. This great value album contains 100 songs that might not usually be featured on the usual 80’s compilation album but by no means does that mean they should stay forgotten.

If your father grew up during this decade or was influenced by the classic NOW albums, Top of the Pops or the original MTV than this album is an absolute must get.

Featuring underrated and/or underappreciated songs from artists such as John Parr, Big Country, Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet and 96 other unique and inspirational musicians.


Bruce Springsteen – Greatest Hits (CD & Vinyl)

What man doesn’t enjoy a bit of Bruce?

Ahead of the upcoming release of Springsteen’s most recent album Western Stars (available from the 14th of June, just two days before Father’s Day!) why not combine the new and the classic to create one undeniably great gift for your father or husband.

This album contains 18 of Springsteen’s most iconic hits, including “Born to Run”, “The River” and “Born in the USA”, making this the perfect soundtrack for any occasion whether that be on a road trip, having a few friends around or just for a relaxing listen accompanied by a couple of cold ones.

My personal favourite songs are the incredible “Dancing in the Dark” and the vastly underrated “Secret Garden”.  


Movies for the aul' fella:

The Mule (DVD & Blu-ray)

The legendary Clint Eastwood’s 43rd movie, both directed and produced by himself while also starring as the main character ‘Earl Stone’. This is a slow-paced true story but is totally gripping due to the deep meaning shown throughout the entire film. It follows Earl’s life, and him coming to terms with the decisions he made in life, right or wrong, as he seeks redemption and forgiveness from the family who he abandoned for work for many years.

He’s a stubborn, old man (who better to play one than Clint) but we get to know and see a very different side of him throughout the movie as he battles his own demons. Little does this grumpy, old man know, he’s just accepted a job as the Mexican cartels' personal courier, and as law enforcement draws closer to him, he tries to right his wrongs in hope to win back the heart of his daughter.

A great Father’s Day buy for any Clint Eastwood fans or even just someone who loves a good captivating movie.


Mile 22 (DVD & Blu-ray)

The perfect gift for any Dad who loves an action-packed movie, and for any Dads OR ‘willing-to-watch’ wives who are fans of Mark Wahlberg ;)

Anyway, he really is sensational in this movie, and plays an elite CIA operative who has just been tasked by a special unit to safely and discreetly sneak out a secretive police officer from South East Asia who obtains classified information.

What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, apparently a lot! Some very unexpected twists and turns, but still stays clear of the cringey, cliché endings that a lot of actions movies steer towards nowadays. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and there may even be a second one to come……


Bohemian Rhapsody (DVD, Blu-ray & 4K UHD)

Yes, this is out a while but… it’s still a phenomenal movie nonetheless. I don’t think I’ve met one person who dislikes Freddie Mercury or Queen, so how much more perfect could this be as a Father’s Day present? You could even follow up with the soundtrack if you want to here some slightly impressive or slightly embarrassing singing coming from your Dad in the car!

Rami Malek plays Freddie amazingly and you can really see he puts his all into playing him. It almost feels like watching Freddie do his thing on stage. The Live Aid performance at the end is sensational and gives me goosebumps (and I may or may not have cried).

Both the DVD and Blu-ray (& 4K) versions contain the full live aid performance and some pretty cool extra features including behind the scenes and scenes that were cut from the movie. I watched every inch of the discs and I’m pretty sure any Freddie/Queen fan would do the same. My favourite movie from last year by far.


TV Boxsets for the aul' fella:

Father Ted – The Complete Boxset

A boxset you say? Ah right then.

What says ‘Dad’ more than a Father Ted boxset? One of the funniest shows to ever ‘bless’ our screens. It follows the lives of three priests; Ted, Dougal and Jack, along with their housekeeper Mrs Doyle who all live on Craggy Island, where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. They find themselves in all kinds of funny situations that you wouldn’t expect of your local priest.

This show has become so ingrained in Irish culture that it is a must have for any family. Guaranteed to make you laugh, with endless special moments and quotable material for everyday use. So now “go on, go on, go on…” and buy it!


Game of Thrones – Seasons 1-7

What else can really be said about Game of Thrones that hasn’t already been said? The HBO series has become a pop culture and worldwide phenomenon, to the point where it seems that everybody watches it. But if by some chance your father or husband hasn’t gotten around to watching the show whilst navigating and avoiding the litany of spoilers out there then there isn’t a show that I could recommend more highly.

This fantasy epic medieval political drama takes us on an adventure around the fictional land of Westeros with some of the most engaging characters in television history. With excellent storytelling and character progression, incredible special effects and battle sequences along with plenty of heartbreak, humour and violence, this show really has something for everybody and is guaranteed to have you hooked within the first episode.

This great value box set contains seasons 1-7, so is perfect for a binge series watcher or for an avid fan looking to collect the entire series bar the final newly released season (although for some fans that may be for the best, I’ll say no more).

So, whether your father “drinks and (claims to) know things” like Tyrion Lannister, “knows nothing” like Jon Snow, or is a bit of a you know what like Joffrey Baratheon, I know for certain that he will love this show!


Line of Duty – Seasons 1-5

An unbelievable series that any crime-drama-loving Dad will love! This series seems to get better and better as the seasons go on, just like your Dad! ;)

Line of Duty follows an anti-corruption unit called ‘AC-12’, lead by the very serious and very dry humoured Superintendent Ted Hastings, who is played by our very own Adrian Dunbar. Ted Hastings runs the show in AC-12 with the help of DI Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott. The casting is great which is certainly an attractive feature for a TV series, and you will most definitely see some familiar faces. Each season follows a new suspected corrupt officer, which means a new story line, yet every story lines seems to find themselves relating and somehow connecting to an even bigger story line. You start to wonder whether something much bigger is going on…

It’s a very binge-worthy series. Every episode of every series is captivating from beginning to end and full of excitement with lots of twists and turns, hence why it’s almost impossible not to binge on.


Check in stores for more Father’s Day gift ideas…. or maybe get a gift voucher for those fussier-than-fussy Dads.


These are the honest and excited words of our Eoife & Sean in our Navan branch. 


All of the above titles are available at goldendiscs.ie and in all Golden Discs stores nationwide.

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