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Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK: A new war classic is born

Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK: A new war classic is born

Witness Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk. Released this Friday @ Golden Discs

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Christopher Nolan is a man of many genres. Since his first directorial debut with the fantastic time-bending murder mystery, Momento, he has gone on to become one of the world’s leading visionaries in filmmaking.

His Dark Knight trilogy gave birth to arguably the finest Joker performance from the late Heath Ledger; the ending of his dream-bending thriller, Inception still holds a question to millions of fans (did it fall or not?); his space voyage movie saw Matthew McConaughey go into Interstellar space to try and save a dried-up and shrivelled earth.

There are no limits to what this man can visualise when it comes to directing. With Dunkirk, he has created one of the tensest war movies that I have ever seen. The film follows a group of soldiers who are stranded on a beach waiting to go home to their families. German fighter pilots above closing in like a bird attacking wounded prey, with each attack leaving countless casualties scattered along the shoreline.  

The film follows the rescue attempts by Navy and any available civilian boat or fishing vessel brave enough to venture into the frontline not knowing if they'll ever return.


Got, or getting a good tv or sound system?. Dunkirk is the film of the year for visuals and sound design

The spitfire scenes are guaranteed to send a chill down your spine. So, if you’re buying the loved one a nice sound system or nice television for Christmas and you are unsure about what movie to buy with your gift - then Dunkirk is by far the finest choice you can make. It also comes with kiddie friendly 12-cert which means it can be viewed by (pretty much) all of the family.

It’s far from a silent movie, but Dunkirk isn’t very script-heavy. This adds to the realism of dread in the film. It portrays the fear in the young men, perfectly, as they wait with nowhere to go, and in plain sight of the enemy. Nolan focuses on the hopelessness and fear of the soldiers. When attacks happen, the magnificent sound design puts you right in there with them.

This epic, yet tragic war story is also accompanied by an original soundtrack from none other than Hans Zimmer. Zimmer also scored the OST for Nolan’s Interstellar.


Dunkirk stars Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders), Tom Hardy (Taboo, Legend), Fionn Whitehead (Him, Caravan), Barry Keoghan (Love/Hate, Traders), Mark Rylance (BFG, Bridge Of Spies), and Harry Styles (yup, that’s Harry from One Direction)


Grab yours this Friday - witness this war epic -  on 4K, BLU-RAY, or DVD. Get a copy online or @ any Golden Discs or Tesco Ireland branch nationwide

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