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Our take on Blade Runner 2049

Our take on Blade Runner 2049

While so many sequels to films that were critical or commercial under achievers are appearing more and more regularly, this sequel has been 35 years coming even though appreciation for the original was a slow burn process.

Set 30 years on from the events of the original film, our story here follows Officer K (Ryan Gosling) a titular “Blade Runner”, an officer for the LAPD whose job it is to retire replicants, as he investigates a mysterious finding following a visit to a farm run by Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista). This, like the original, leads him down a rabbit hole during which his perception of his own existence is questioned.

I’m not going to go on any further because within the first few minutes of the film, big secrets are revealed and continue to be revealed as the layers of the film are peeled away. The film looks and sounds incredible and the look is so consistent with the original that I’m convinced there were some very subtle matte lines added to the upgraded spinners that we see flying around dystopian L.A. and beyond. The technology on show seems like a natural progression from what was seen in the original film as well.

Gosling and a returning Harrison Ford are both excellent in their respective roles and the supporting cast, even Jared Leto, are all very good too. Plot points from the first movie are weaved seamlessly into this film, but unlike some other long delayed sequels it isn’t beholden to the original film. As a sequel, it does stand alone in case someone may not have seen the original but it would help to someone in that situation a quick recap on what they might have missed.

All in all, this is an excellent sequel that builds perfectly well on the world that we first saw 35 years ago. If you love or even like the original, you needn’t worry about this one not living up to its legacy.

The DVD also features some short behind the scenes videos as well as the three prequel shorts set before the events of the film.

Blade Runner is now available to buy at goldendiscs.ie.

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