The Jetsons & WWE - Robo-Wrestlemania - Anthony Bell [DVD]

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Feature-length animated adventure in which the Jetson family team up with the superstars of WWE. In the future, George Jetson (voice of Jeff Bergman) finds the wrestler Big Show (himself) frozen in the ground one day at work. He decides to take the giant home to thaw him out and when he awakens the wrestler discovers he's been frozen for 100 years. When he learns WWE is still going strong, but with robot wrestlers, Big Show decides to finally get revenge on his former employer Vince McMahon (himself) by taking control of his descendant Mr. McMoonman (also McMahon)'s robot wrestlers and using them to attack Orbit City. In an attempt to save his home, George travels back in time to enlist the help of the WWE superstars to join him in the future to defeat Big Show and his growing robot army.

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