Rusty Rivets: Botasaur and the Bits - John May [DVD]

Collection of episodes from the Canadian animated series which follows the adventures of Rusty Rivets (voice of Kyle Harrison Breitkopf), a young engineer who runs his own mobile workshop with his friend Ruby (Ava Preston). With the help of his team of trusty robots, Rusty uses his knowledge of science and technology to help the citizens of Sparkton Hills overcome a series of problems. The episodes are: 'Rusty's Bits On the Fritz', 'Rusty Digs In', 'Rusty's Brave Cave Save', 'Rusty's Water Works', 'Rusty and the Bit Police', 'Rusty's Bota-fort', 'Rusty's Pet Project' and 'Rusty Loses the Bits'.

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