Highlights from Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds: The New Generation - Jeff Wayne [CD]

Disc 1
1. The Eve of the War (Feat. Liam Neeson and Gary Barlow) - Jeff Wayne
2. Horsell Common and the Heat Ray (Feat. Liam Neeson) - Jeff Wayne
3. The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine - Jeff Wayne
4. Forever Autumn - Gary Barlow
5. Thunder Child - Alex Clare
6. The Red Weed - Jeff Wayne
7. The Spirit of Man - Joss Stone & Maverick Sabre
8. Brave New World - Ricky Wilson
9. Dead London (Feat. Liam Neeson) - Jeff Wayne
10. The Spirit of Man (Feat. Joss Stone and Maverick Sabre) (Raggamuffin Mix) - Jeff Wayne