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The Flash Review

The Flash Review

The Flash Review

by Kevin Morrin


The Flash is one of the last movies of the current DCEU, before James Gunn & Peter Safran reboot the DC movies. While Aquaman (coming late 2023) will be the last last one, the plot of The Flash ties in with the beginning of the DCEU with Man Of Steel, including General Zod’s invasion of Earth and his Terraforming machine the World Engine.

Starting out in the current DCEU timeline that we are all familiar with, The Flash shows us Flash, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.


Then, when Barry figures out that he can run fast enough to enter the SpeedForce and travel back through time, that’s when it all starts to go pear shaped. Barry’s reason for changing time is a heartfelt one. He wants to undo his mother’s death and his father’s wrongful incarceration for said murder. Who among us would not want to try reunite our family?

After altering the past, Barry returns to the present, but not as he left it. This time around his mother and father are alive and still living in their family home... with their own Barry.

From here we discover that in this timeline Bruce Wayne/Batman is the same one from the 1989 Tim Burton Movie, played by Michael Keaton. These are not the only changes to the timeline though, as in this one Kal-El’s ship never made it to Earth, and he was never raised by the Kent’s, and therefore there is no Superman.

Instead, Kal-El’s cousin Kara-El made it to Earth, but was imprisoned in a Soviet facility. Sasha Calle plays Supergirl and she is fantastic in the role. Her Kara is far different to the interations we have seen before, including most recently Melissa Benoist in the CW Supergirl TV series. Calle brings a rage to her Supergirl, as she has spent her entire time on Earth mistreated and imprisoned.

With no Superman to stop General Zod’s army, Flash, other Barry, Batman and Supergirl must team up to stop Zod and his World Engine.

The resulting clash is full of great action, plenty of twists and a whole host of cameos I wouldn’t dare spoil.

The Flash is a fitting swan song for the current DCEU, and has plenty of heart to go alongside all that action and timetravel plot

 The trusted words of our very own Kevin Morrin in Waterford.

The Flash is out on 15th September on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K & 4K Steelbook in-store and here on goldendiscs.ie.

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