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Our Take on... Wonder Woman 1984

Our Take on... Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984” follows the trend set by “Shazam” and “Aquaman” as another fun, colourful entry in the DC series of films. Gal Gadot returns and brings the same sincerity and earnestness to her role that Christopher Reeve brought to the original Superman movies, and we get plenty of action, adventure, and some laughs along the way. I could write a big long piece about it, but instead I had a chat with my daughter about it, and she offered up her thoughts which I will share here instead.

How is this one different from the original “Wonder Woman” movie?

Well, there are all new characters in this one, except for Diana and Steve Trevor (but I’m not saying how he comes back). In the other movies we’ve seen Diana on Earth about a hundred years ago, and now, but in this one we see her in a different time, the 80s. And we get to see more of her growing up as well.

Speaking of Steve, how does he find life in the 80s?

He thinks it’s weird and confusing because of all the new things that had been invented since we saw him last. Those parts are very funny.

Who are the villains this time?

Well, we get Cheetah whose real name is Barbara, who starts off as someone who is very shy and wants to be like Diana because Diana is confident. She gets the chance to be like Diana, but she uses Diana’s abilities to do the wrong things. There’s also a guy named Maxwell Lord who is the other villain, but he’s not totally a villain because he kind of wants to do good but goes about it the wrong way. It’s complicated!

Did you like the film?

I really enjoyed it. I love films with action and mystery and this has both. My favourite part was definitely when she got the Golden Amazon Armour. That was so cool.

Where do you put this against the other DC films you’ve seen?

It’s my favourite with the first “Wonder Woman”. I really like “Shazam” and “Aquaman” as well, but Wonder Woman is my favourite character.


These are the spellbinding summations and powerful postulations of our man Kevin Dillon and his daughter!


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