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Our Take On... House of Gucci

Our Take On... House of Gucci

"House of Gucci" is based on true events, and uses the book of the same name as it's launching off point. Over the twenty or so years covered in the film, the Gucci family and business go through more drama than the longest running soap opera. It's an epic family saga that's about far more than just fashion, and it's anchored by two excellent performances from Lady Gaga, as the ambitious socialite Patrizia Reggiani, and Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, heir to a portion of the Gucci fortune. While Maurizio seems initially uninterested in the family business, Patrizia uses her influence to gain more and more power, setting off a power struggle in the process. What follows is a tale of betrayal, manipulation, and murder. 


It's a story that seems too good to be true, but knowing that it is makes all the events that occur even more shocking. As Patrizia, Gaga is the centre of the film just as Patrizia wants to be the centre of the Gucci universe. It's crazy to think that this is only her second lead role after "A Star is Born", because she has the acting gig down pat. Having watched interviews comparing the two, she absolutely nails Patrizia's accent and mannerisms.

Every bit her equal is Adam Driver, one of the best actors currently on the go, as Maurizio Gucci. The cast is rounded out by a fun turn from Al Pacino as Maurizio's uncle, Alto, and Jeremy Irons as Maurizio's father, Rodolfo. The elephant in the room is Jared Leto as Paulo Gucci, Alto's son. Much has been made of Leto's performance, and I think that if we didn't get a ton of stories from him "getting into character" in other movies, people would have been more accepting of his turn as Paulo. It's divisive, for sure, but for me it fit the tone of the film, even though I half expected him to burst into a verse of "Shaddup You Face" by Joe Dolce (ask your parents. Or maybe your grandparents). 

From the buzz surrounding the film it would seem that Gaga is a lock for another Best Actress nomination at next year's Oscars, and she has a real chance of making it her second win, having previously won for Best Original Song for "Shallow". 

While it is on the long side, to short change this story wouldn't be doing it justice. The acting across the board is on point and director Ridley Scott does a great job of balancing the serious moments with moments of high camp that is consistent with a brand known for it's opulence and sometime lack of subtlety. 

These are the elegant estimations of our man Kevin Dillon.

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