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Best Music Moments from Stranger Things

Best Music Moments from Stranger Things

Stranger Things took Netflix by storm & it has brought 80's music hits to a younger generation. Read our blog to re-experience the show's best music moments.
Kate Bush’s anthem from 1985 - ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)’ has hit the top spot in the UK single official charts after a whopping 37 years thanks to it being heavily featured in season four of "Stranger Things". The hit Netflix series has introduced the track to a whole new audience and it has led to the song trending on TikTok and being one of the most streamed songs on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms. As well as hitting the #1 spot in the singles chart in the UK, the popularity of the track has broken a number of records including ‘longest time for a single to reach number 1 (37 Years)’, ‘oldest female artist to score a number 1’ and ‘longest gap between number 1s for an artist (44 years - Wuthering Heights). 
Stranger Things hasn’t just been a sensation for Netflix viewing figures but it has also given a platform for 80’s music to be discovered and enjoyed by younger generations. Keep reading to find out more 80’s tracks the hit Netflix show has used in some of it’s most iconic scenes. 


Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash - Season 1 & 2

This iconic anthem from The Clash is featured very early on in series one as brothers Jonathan and Will bond over their love of music. Older brother Jonathan creates a mixtape for young Will who becomes obsessed with this track. Season 1 is based around the disappearance of Will Byers and as we see him try to keep safe and calm from the monster which has taken him we can hear him quietly sing the lyrics to this famous song from The Clash. The song reappears in season 2 when Will becomes possessed by the Mindflyer as his brother Jonathan blares out the track while family and friends remind Will of fond memories to try and snap him out of the grasp of the Mindflyer.



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Every Breath You Take by The Police - Season 2 

The Duffer Brothers wrap up season 2 with a stereotypical school dance scene to show the teenagers of Stranger Things enjoying a rare normal teen moment as well as Eleven’s first ever school dance. The scene kicks off with Mike who looks deflated until he sees Eleven enter the room and he asks her to dance. The rest of the scene includes the main characters slow dancing to this 80’s hit from The Police offering a rare opportunity for the gang to relax and have fun with each other before the strange happenings in Hawkins start to reappear in season 3. The end of season 2 also features the iconic ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper. 



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Material Girl by Madonna - Season 3

Season 3 of Stranger Things focuses mainly on the strange events happening around the Starcourt Mall. Besides the mysteries in season 3, this season also offers up plenty of fashion and music moments as we see the main characters mature into teenagers who are beginning to experience the usual teenager problems. Eleven and Max decide to have a girls day out at the mall to avoid Mike and Lucas whom they are experiencing relationship problems with. The two girls hit the shops, try out iconic 80’s looks and take part in a fashion photoshoot while Madonna’s Material Girl plays out in the background of the scene.

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The Never-ending Story - Season 3

Season 3 offers a real throwback to 80’s kids movies with Dustin and Suzie showing their real bond by duetting the Never-ending Story theme song together.


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You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive - Season 4

Season 4 sees Eleven and Will attempt to adjust in a new town and new school but we witness Eleven be on the receiving end of bullying from the popular kids while also trying to live without her powers. Mike comes to visit Eleven and alongside Will they head to the rollerdisco to hang out. Eleven is confronted with her bullies again as they humiliate her in front of everyone including her boyfriend Mike. It all becomes too much for Eleven and her emotions boil over and she then hits her bully Angela right in the face with a rollerskate resulting in serious facial injuries and bringing the rollerdisco to a halt. Dead or Alive’s one hit wonder ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ was used to capture the fun-filled 80’s atmosphere at the rollerdisco and arcade before the scene took a turn for the worst. 

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Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush - Season 4

The 1985 track was used by the Duffer Brothers in season 4’s most iconic scene when Max comes face to face with the show’s nemesis Vecna. Max looks like she is about to face a deadly end similar to what led to the deaths of Chrissy, Fred and Patrick only for her friends quick thinking to use her favourite track to pull her out of Vecna’s grasp so she can run to safety. This scene has proven to be such a popular moment from season 4 for the show’s fans that Sadie Sink who plays Max has been tipped for future Emmy nominations. From this scene onwards, the track is a constant feature in season 4 volume 1 to keep the character Max safe from Vecna.



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