Timeless: Season 1 - Eric Kripke

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All 16 episodes from the first season of the American television drama in which a trio of unlikely characters combine to travel through time to prevent a criminal from destroying the past. From escaping the authorities with Bonnie (Jacqueline Byers) and Clyde (Sam Strike) deciding whether to prevent Abraham Lincoln (Michael Krebs)'s assassination, the team discover the workings of all manner of historical events in their quest to stop potential disaster. The episodes are: 'Pilot', 'The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln', 'Atomic City', 'Party at Castle Varlar', 'The Alamo', 'The Watergate Tape', 'Stranded', 'Space Race', 'Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde', 'The Capture of Benedict Arnold', 'The World's Columbian Exposition', 'The Murder of Jesse James', 'Kharma Chameleon', 'The Lost Generation', 'Public Enemy No. 1' and 'The Red Scare'.


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