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The X Files: Season 6 - Kim Manners [DVD]

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The complete sixth season of the hit sci-fi series. In 'The Beginning' Mulder and Scully's superiors refuse to reassign them to the X-Files. 'Drive' has Mulder trapped in a car with a man driving west at high speeds. 'Triangle' finds Mulder looking into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. 'Dreamland' sees Mulder undergo a body-swap experience while visiting Area 51. 'Dreamland II' has Scully confused by the two Mulders. 'Terms of Endearment' finds Mulder looking into a case of demon foetus abduction. 'The Rain King' sees Mulder investigate some bizarre meteorological phenomena brought on by unrequited love. In 'How the Ghosts Stole Christmas' Mulder and Scully visit a haunted house on Christmas Eve. In 'Tithonus' Scully looks into a case involving a police photographer with an uncanny knack for arriving at crime scenes early. 'S.R. 819' has Mulder attempt to find the cure when Skinner is infected with a deadly disease. 'Two Fathers' finds Mulder confronted with an uncomfortable truth about the Syndicate's alien experiments. 'One Son' sees Mulder discover the truth about the Government's part in the alien conspiracy. In 'Arcadia' Mulder and Scully pose as a married couple when investigating some recent disappearences in a planned community. 'Agua Mala' has the duo visit Florida during a hurricane and discover a strange sea creature. 'Monday' finds Mulder's sense of deja vu growing ever stronger when a woman is trapped into repeating her attempt to save the FBI agents over and over again. 'Alpha' sees the FBI called in to help when a wild dog goes on the rampage. 'Trevor' has Mulder and Scully head out in pursuit of an escaped convict who has the power to pass through solid matter. 'Milagro' finds Mulder's next-door neighbour becoming obsessed with Scully. 'Three of a Kind' sees the Lone Gunmen reunited with Susanne Modeski. 'The Unnatural' has Mulder look into a tale about an alien baseball player. 'Field Trip' finds Mulder investigating alien activity at a mountain campsite. Finally, in 'Biogenesis', two scientists discover evidence that human life did not originate on this planet, but their proof is stolen and Mulder is called in to investigate.


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