The Returned: Series 2 - Fabrice Gobert [DVD]

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All eight episodes from the second series of the French supernatural drama, where the inhabitants of a mountain village are confronted by the reappearance of a number of dead people. Six months on from the flood and the disappearance of the returned, the town is under the control of the military who refuse to believe the survivors ghostly stories. But the Returned have not ventured far and are still holding Julie, Victor, Camille and Claire (Céline Sallette, Swann Nambotin, Yara Pilartz and Anne Consigny) captive. Meanwhile, dam engineer Richard Berg (Laurent Lucas) arrives in the valley to determine the true cause of the flood. The episodes are: 'The Child', 'Milan', 'Morgane', 'Virgil', 'Madame Costa', 'Esther', 'Etienne' and 'The Returned'.

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