Piggy Tales: Third Act - Eric Guaglione [DVD]

All 34 episodes from the third series of the animated spin-off starring the Bad Piggies from the 'Angry Birds' franchise. The episodes are: 'Wrong Floor', 'Bouncing Buffoon', 'Up the Ladder', 'Sharpest Shooter', 'Snack Time', 'Batter Up', 'Magic Matchup', 'The Bubble Trick', 'Piggy Dive', 'One Big Hurdle', 'Piggy Vaulting', 'Art School', 'Chalk It Up', 'School's Up', 'Broken Chair', 'Hidden Talent', 'Hiccups', 'Let's Tango', 'Scared Sick', 'Shadow Pig', 'Pumpkin Head', 'For Pig's Sake', 'Remote Pig', 'Pig Interrupted', 'Light Dance', 'Pig Expectations', 'Gift Wrapped', 'Holiday Song', 'Lost Piggy', 'The Mime', 'Snout On the Wall', 'Re-Abduction', 'Ball Games', 'Slip Up' and 'Final Curtain'.


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