Jewel Box - Rarities & B-sides: - Elton John [VINYL]

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An in-depth exploration of Elton John and Bernie Taupin's extensive catalogue including early rarities and deep cuts personally curated by Elton. 'Rarities & B-sides' features Elton's much sought-after 1960s and early 1970s demos and music that cemented the foundations of the iconic John-Taupin writing partnership. The compelling, previously unreleased, missing piece in his illustrious story. Daryl Easlea narrates this fascinating story with contributions from those who were there at the time.

Disc 1
1. Come Back Baby (Bluesology) - Elton John
2. Scarecrow (Piano/tambourine Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
3. A Dandelion Dies in the Wind (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
4. Velvet Fountain (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
5. Get Out of This Town (Piano/tambourine Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
6. Countryside Love Affair (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
7. The Witch's House (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
8. Year of the Teddy Bear (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
9. A Little Love Goes a Long, Long Way (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
10. Mr. Lightning Strikeman (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
11. I Couldn't Fall in Love With Anybody Else (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
12. I Get a Little Bit Lonely (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
13. Nina (You're My Woman Now) [band Version] - Elton John
14. Angel Tree (Piano/guitar/tambourine Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
15. Here's to the Next Time (Piano/tambourine Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
Disc 2
1. Watching the Planes Go By (Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
2. When the First Tear Shows (Arranged Band Version) - Elton John
3. Tartan Coloured Lady (Arranged Band Version) (Demo) - Elton John
4. When I Was Tealby Abbey (Piano Version) (Demo) - Elton John
5. Turn to Me (Arranged Band Version) - Elton John
6. And the Clock Goes Round (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
7. I Can't Go On Living Without You (Arranged Band Version) - Elton John
8. Regimental Sgt. Zippo (Band Version) - Elton John
9. Cry Willow Cry (Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
10. Skyline Pigeon (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
11. Two of a Kind (Arranged Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
12. The Girl On Angel Pavement (Arranged Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
13. Smokestack Children (Arranged Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
14. There's Still Time for Me (Piano/guitar/tambourine Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
Disc 3
1. The Tide Will Turn for Rebecca (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
2. Taking the Sun from My Eyes (Arranged Band Version) - Elton John
3. Sing Me No Sad Songs (Band Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
4. Rolling Western Union (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
5. Amoreena (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
6. Madman Across the Water (Piano Demo) (Demo) - Elton John
7. Snow Queen - Elton John
8. The Retreat - Elton John
9. Billy and the Kids - Elton John
10. Medicine Man - Elton John
11. Peter's Song - Elton John


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