Jacqueline Wilson Collection - Beryl Richards [DVD]

Box set featuring three films adapted from the novels by Jacqueline Wilson. 'Girls in Love' (2003) and 'Girls in Love: Girls in Tears' (2005) follow the lives and loves of three friends Ellie, Magda and Nadine, each very different but each bound by an absolute bond of friendship. 'Best Friends' follows two girls, Gemma and Alice. Born on the same day, they have been devoted friends ever since. Despite Gemma's larger-than-life personality and Alice's quieter, calmer character, the two are inseperable - until that is Alice has to move house, all the way to Scotland. Gemma is utterly distraught, particularly at the thought that Alice might find a new best friend. Is there anything Gemma's brothers, or perhaps her Grandad, can do to help?


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