Gomorrah: The Complete Season One - Gina Gardini [DVD]

All 12 episodes from the first season of the Italian crime drama starring Marco D'Amore and Fortunato Cerlino. In the backstreets of Naples where organised crime is big business, Ciro di Marzio (D'Amore) seizes the opportunity to take over as mob boss when Pietro Savastano (Cerlino) is arrested and sent to prison. The episodes are: 'The Clan Savastano', 'Do You Trust Me?', 'The Mother and Home', 'African Blood', 'The Roar of the Lioness', 'Spanish Roulette', 'Imma Against All', 'White Card', 'Gelsomina Verde', 'Now We Get Conte', '100 Ways to Kill' and 'The Immortals'.