Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season - Amy Sherman-Palladino [DVD]

Welcome to the picture-perfect New England town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Founded in 1779. Population 9,973. Home of 32 year old Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and her 16-year-old daughter Rory (Alexia Bledel) - the Gilmore Girls. Quick-witted Lorelai, manager of historic Independence Inn, is mother to Rory. She is her daughter's best friend, confidante and mentor who's determined to help her avoid the mistakes that sidetracked Lorelai when she was a teen. Episodes Comprise: 'Pilot', 'The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton', 'Kill Me Now', 'The Deer Hunters', 'Cinnamon's Wake', 'Rory's Birthday Parties', 'Kiss And Tell', 'Love And War And Snow', 'Rory's Dance', 'Forgiveness And Stuff', 'Paris Is Burning', 'Double Date', 'Concert Interruptus', 'That Damn Donna Reed', 'Christopher Returns', 'Star-crossed Lovers And Other Strangers', 'The Break Up, Part 2', 'The Third Lorelai', 'Emily In Wonderland', 'PS, I Lo...' and 'Love, Daisies And Troubadours'.


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