Elementary: The Second Season - Robert Doherty [DVD]

All 24 episodes from the second season of the American-made reimagining of the classic detective novels by Arthur Conan Doyle starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as his companion Dr. Watson. In this season, the pair travel to London to solve a long-standing mystery and Sherlock's future with the NYPD comes under question. The episodes are: 'Step Nine', 'Solve for X', 'We Are Everyone', 'Poison Pen', 'Ancient History', 'An Unnatural Arrangement', 'The Marchioness', 'Blood Is Thicker', 'On the Line', 'Tremors', 'Internal Audit', 'The Diabolical Kind', 'All in the Family', 'Dead Clade Walking', 'Corpse De Ballet', 'The One Percent Solution', 'Ears To You', 'The Hound of the Cancer Cells', 'The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville', 'No Lack of Void', 'The Man With the Twisted Lip', 'Paint It Black', 'Art in the Blood' and 'The Grand Experiment'.