e-Gifting allows for the late online purchase of Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones up until the 11th hour of Christmas Eve, to be delivered (at least digitally) in plenty of time for the festivities.



You simply choose the e-Gifting button when purchasing an item on a product page (instead of "add to cart") and proceed to enter your chosen recipients details and a short message for them to receive via email or instant message at a staggered time of your choosing (eg; Christmas morn?). You can also print out the gift with a URL for the recipient to follow in order to confirm delivery details.

You pay for your gift as you would a normal order and once they have opened and accepted (or exchanged) your e-gift we will email you again. Your recipient has 7 days to accept their e-gift or we will refund you your order. Once they accept it we will pick, package and post to them as we would a normal order to the address you provided and they confirmed. 

Please note that e-gifting is an online feature only and e-gifts can only be fulfilled by goldendiscs.ie by post or courier, and NOT in-store.

Please also note that if you should have a horrible falling out with the recipient of your e-Gift (at this years Office Party for example) and wish to cancel the order, you better hope they haven't checked their email before you do. Maybe consider hiding their laptop!? You'll probably want to commandeer their phone too until you get through to us.

Should you have any questions regarding this new feature please feel free to contact us at online@goldendiscs.ie. To return to the homepage just click here.


We wish you the very happiest of silly seasons from all the online team here at goldendiscs.ie.



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