Audiance A2 Headphone Silver, Black [Accessories]

If you're searching for a great pair of over-ear studio headphones to get the most out of your phone, MP3 player, laptop or even TV, you've come to the right place - these fantastic headphones are especially designed for maximum comfort and superior sound quality! Every pair of these headphones are manufactured to our exacting specifications. They're made from the sturdiest materials: a combination of hard shell plastic and soft faux leather make up the main part of the headphones. This means they're sturdy and long-lasting, but still feel soft and comfortable when used! Adjustable plastic sliders allow you to easily resize the over ear headphones to adjust to your head, meaning the 40mm speakers in either earpiece will remain precisely where they need to be for a superior listening experience. We've even wrapped the 1.2 metre connector lead of the headphones with a textured nylon mesh, to ensure that no damage can affect the most vulnerable part of the product - you can't say fairer than that! But the best part of any headphones is the sound quality they provide, and you certainly won't be disappointed by the standard we provide. With a sensitivity of 102 decibels and a frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, you'll be able to hear your favourite songs exactly as the artist intended! Compatible with a huge variety of devices - ranging from iPhone's, iPods and all standard MP3 players to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry handsets - there's no danger that these fantastic Audiance-brand headphones won't be usable with your device of choice. So why wait? Get your hands on a pair of these fantastic headphones today!

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